Flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines: There’s No Other Way To Fly

Flying 45,000 feet above the South China Sea is about as close to you can get to heaven on an airplane, especially if the aircraft in question is from Singapore Airlines fleet of world-class airliners. There’s a reason why Singapore Airlines was ranked 33rd this year in Fortune’s World Most Admired Companies in 2009.

Culture Tips: How to Eat in Japan

One of the pure joys of traveling is discovering the culinary delights that are at your fingertips. Japan, in particular, is a gastronomes paradise.
The challenge to eating in Japan lies not only in finding local food and ordering successfully, but following the rules of table etiquette so you don’t make any social blunders.

Cambodia Photo Journal: Border Crossing At Poipet

A young boy waits patiently for travelers to finish with their plastic drinking bottles. As far as land border crossings go, the most interesting, and certainly the strangest one I’ve ever been to is the Thailand/Cambodia land border at Aranyaprathet/Poipet. There seem to be a number of scams running at this border as well. For […]