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Teaching in China: 12 Tips for Your First Weeks Living Abroad

Thinking of teaching in China? The ESL industry in China is booming and the demand for qualified ESL teachers is going up every day. Here are 12 tips for your first few weeks teaching and living abroad in China.

The Rewards of Teaching

  Teaching is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience most days, but these last two weeks in particular have been special ones for me.    Several months ago, one of my students, Alexandria Lu, decided to start offering Chinese and English articles on her website.  Most of the stories she has posted online are writing assignments […]

The Importance of Recycling Vocabulary

Teaching vocabulary can be a challenge for new teachers. Most are quick to assume that once a new word has been taught, it has also been learned and will be remembered. Most new teachers don’t realize vocabulary needs to be continuously recycled. Students will likely forget vocabulary if they don’t encounter these words on a […]

For All Our GRAM Friends…

These are for our friends at GRAM English School.  John and I are very fortunate to have been a part of the GRAM team this year.  We’ve had some great times.  We’ve shared a lot of laughs and we have some great memories.  A heartfelt thanks to Carol and Gavin, who took us in and helped […]

ESL Game: Racing Messengers

This is a great activity for teaching idioms or learning dialogues.  I use this racing game with my intermediate and advanced level students and it never fails to generate a lot of excitement in the classroom.  I’ve also used it for basic questions and answers with my advanced beginners.  Example:  What’s your name?  My name is….  Note:  This game […]

ESL Games: Survivor

SURVIVOR This is a fantastic game that students of all ages can enjoy.  I use it primarily for reviewing new vocabulary, verb tenses, and grammar points. For vocabulary lessons: I introduce 6 – 10 new words to my beginner and intermediate classes. I usually give my advanced level classes 12 – 15 new words.  After […]