Lunar New Year in Taiwan 2021

The Lunar New Year ‘Effect’ on Chronically Ill Patients Like Me

Lunar New Year in Taiwan. Happy Year of the Ox! As people in Taiwan rejoice at being with their loved ones, I’m grateful to be here in my safe island bubble. But I wish I was planning my trip home this summer.

Peggy Lee

Taiwan Culture Video: Ghost Month in Taiwan

The Chungyuan Festival(中元節) follows the lunar calendar and this year, the festival, which is also known in Taiwan as “Ghost Month”, beings on July 15th. On this day, the door of the underworld is open for spirits to enter the world.

Happy Moongazing!

Artist: Mandy Wong on GFX Artists It’s an exciting time of year in Taiwan and the rest of Asia as everyone is gearing up for Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as The Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated every year when the moon is at its brightest, on the 15th day of the […]

Red and Gold New Year in Taiwan

Chinese New Year decorations are everywhere these days and everyone seems to be hurrying home with paper decorations. Red and gold are the primary colors for Chinese New Year with the lucky color red symbolizing happiness and vitality. Gold symbolizes wealth and good fortune. These decorations are hung on doors and in windows to usher […]

Carrie Kellenberger in China

Lunar New Year and the Art of Giving in Taiwan

Lunar New Year is coming and the flurry of activity and excitement  in Taiwan that precedes the biggest Asian holiday of the year is staggering.  This year, the New Year falls on February 18th.  Lunar New Year is always on the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar. The holiday is also referred […]