A Last Walk in Taiwan

I miss my daily visits to Datong Mountain in Shu-lin City.  This lovely little mountain is located a few short blocks from my apartment and I love making the hike up to the summit and running along the footpaths with the city of Shu-lin at my feet.  On this particular day, spring flowers were in full-bloom and […]

Birthdays in Shu-lin

I celebrated my 32nd birthday on January 18th.  It’s truly amazing that every year for the last four years, I’ve celebrated my birthday in a different country.  Each year has been special and unique in its own way.   This year proved to be no exception.  I spent a wonderful day with my friends and co-workers […]

Taoist Symbolism in Taiwan

Lately, one of my favorite past times in Taiwan has been visiting local Taoist temples, which can be found in almost every nook and cranny. I rode my bike to the main Taoist temple here in Shu-lin to take some photographs of the magnificent artwork featured on every available surface within the compound. I am […]

The Chinese Dragon of Taiwan

Dragons are everywhere in Taiwan. The more I see them, the more enthralled I become with these ancient imperial symbols of wisdom, strength and courage. The Chinese believe that they are the descendants of dragons and since ancient times, sightings of Eastern dragons have foretold happiness, good luck and good fortune. Local temples are full […]