The Fury of Typhoon Sinlaku

The wind sounds like a howling animal outside my window.  It moans with shrill, harsh cries with stirring regularity; its strength and power increasing with every hour.  You can smell a typhoon coming.  The air is charged with electricity and fresh with the scent of ozone.  The skies are an inconceivable blue studded with fluffy […]

Rant: The Trials and Tribulations of Miss G

One of the things I like about living in Asia are the little perks we get from time to time. Some really entertaining work can come your way if you’re interested and you make yourself available. For example, in addition to being a full-time singer in China before moving to Taiwan, I’ve also done radio […]

Gua Sha - Scraping

Traditional Chinese Medicine: My Experience With Scraping

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Dr. Tzu demonstrated a scraping method called Gua Sha. Its principles are similar to those of cupping and has similar effects on the body.

Finding The National Palace Museum in Taipei

This is the newly-renovated National Palace Museum, which currently houses several special exhibits in Northern Sung Painting and Calligraphy, Ju Ware from the Northern Sung Dynasty and Sung Dynasty Rare Books in celebration of it’s re-opening.  For more information, you can visit their website at This morning we woke up to rain, which dashed our […]