The Secret Lives of Taipei Housekeepers

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  In the Xin Yi district of Taipei, home to the famous 101 skyscaper, immaculate residential mid-rises owned by the powerful and rich Taipei elite sit quietly amidst the buzz of one of the busiest intersections […]

Self-Realizations From Living Abroad: I’m A Foreigner

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  For the previous post in this series, please click here. As the sun rose on day two, I had already been up for hours plotting my next move – the one thing jet-lag is useful for. I […]

MSW Interviews: Behind the Scenes with Photographer Garret M. Clarke

I could give you a long introduction to why I love Garret’s work, but I won’t. His imagery speaks for itself. Talented? Yes. Ambitious? Incredibly! Tapped into some universal life force that has him constantly churning out creative work after creative work? Without a doubt. Garret is probably one of the most diverse photographers I’ve ever met. He’s tried EVERYTHING. So, after you’ve finished with the interview…

A MSW Exclusive with Formosa Adventurers

The dust has settled and life has returned to normal for Formosa Adventurers – a young, adventuresome group of men who participated early this month in Taiwan’s Best Trip Contest to promote tourism in Taiwan. The guys got together last weekend to talk about their favorite parts of the trip and were kind enough to include some photographs taken during their four-day adventure by adventurer and professional photographer, Neil Wade.

Taiwan Best Trip Day 4: Formosa Adenturers Go Mountain Trekking

The Formosa Adventurers’ final video from their four day trip for Taiwan’s Best Trip has finally been posted and their journey is at an end. Day 4 was a long, wet, rainy day, but the guys came through it like champs.