Electric Blue Sky in Taiwan

Recent weather activity in Taipei and Banciao have produced some unexpectedly clear and dazzling blue skies over the last few days. You can feel the change in the air when a typhoon is approaching. The winds gather up and blow the pollution out and away. The air is super-charged. It smells fresh and clean. I […]

Taipei Sky Domes By Day

The distinctive five towers and colored domes of the Taipei City Sky Dome (????????) have become a landmark in Banciao. Generally, the air is too smoggy to see much of interest by day, but the wind from an approaching storm blew the thick layer of pollution away to reveal a surprisingly clear skyline today. We […]

Nightfall Over Taipei Sky Dome

A glimpse of the new Taipei Sky Dome amongst the fast-moving world of the Xinpu nightmarket in Banciao. The Taipei Sky Dome in Banciao is our new home. Our 29 ping apartment is on the 24th floor with a magnificent view of the city of Taipei. On clear nights, you can see Taipei 101. Our […]