Crowds gathering just before the madness begins. Tokyo’s busiest station is called Shibuya. I like the sound of it. Whenever I think of Shibuya, I think of “Shazam!” Bolts of electric light in Shibuya’s on-going onslaught of ad campaigns have the magical ability to transport you into the future, just like the bolts of lightening in […]

Odaiba and Tokyo Bay

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. Odaiba and the Tokyo Bay area is a great place for some sightseeing, especially if you’re looking for something a little different. By day, the park teems with families, dog walkers and couples enjoying the fresh air. By night, romance fills the air like soft perfume. The Yurikamome Monorail […]

What Your Tuna Goes Through

Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo opens early. This is the place to come if you want to see all kinds of sea dwelling creatures before they end up on your plate as sashimi at the end of the day. 5:30 am comes awfully early when you’re trying to get in the mood to spend time […]

Return from Japan

We’re back from one wicked, wild road trip through the island of Honshu in Japan. Our travels took us from pulsing Tokyo to shy Mt Fuji and the healing hot springs of Hakone. We traveled to Osaka and spent time wandering lost in a land of porn and Pachinko. Kyoto delivered a splendid castle, a […]

Weekend in Tokyo

We left Taiwan early Friday morning just in time to miss a giant hurricane. John and I checked the news this morning to find out seven people were killed over the weekend! We hope everyone is alright. Our thoughts are with you this morning. John is picking up the rental car as I write. We’re […]

Konnichiwa Japan

Photo: Danz in Tokyo “It doesn’t take long to be initiated into Tokyo’s madness: the city’s sheer level of energy – fuelled by consumer culture in hyper drive – rubs raw against ancient tradition. Sightseeing can either be a sensory assault that leaves you elated or an encounter with understatement that leaves you in awe; […]

A Bra for Butt Cheeks?

Japanese women are renowned for their fashion-sense. So what gives? In my opinion, these women have the absolute worst fashion sense I’ve ever seen. They beat Bjork’s swan dress hands-down. Japan’s harajuku girls need to beat some style sense into the rest of the population! Thanks Beka, for sending me these pictures. I just had […]