Living the Island Dream! Accommodations on Gili Trawangan

Part One of my Lombok Travel Series talks about the Gili Islands, and what you can see and do there.

Part Two covers accommodations in Gili Trawangan

There are loads of great options for accommodations on Gili Trawangan. We decided to try two resorts, but we honestly wish we could’ve stayed at a few more. We biked around the island to have a look at some of the other hotels and mini-resorts, and some of them were really posh! With that said, we were not disappointed with our accommodations on Gili Trawangan at all.

Villa Ombak Sunset

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort_3

Villa Ombak Sunset BungalowBig and comfortable! 

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort_9

 Our front porch. Astonishingly, there were no bugs to deal with at night.

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort_7 Beautiful Balinese accents in the bathroom.

We stayed in a deluxe bungalow at Villa Ombak Sunset for our first night, and we would’ve happily stayed longer! Our ocean-facing bungalow was stylishly decked out with Balinese accents, such as polished wooden floors, a giant wooden bed, gorgeous handwoven textiles, a sunny outdoor bathroom, and a pretty little front porch. The fresh water swimming pool is one of the biggest (and cleanest) pools on the island; it’s also one of the nicest, as far as I could tell.

Villa Ombak Sunset hosts a super relaxed sunset party on their beach every night (hence the name), and their claim to having one of the prettiest sunsets on the island is 100% true. Get out to the beach around 5:30pm if you want your own beanbag chair or hammock. Trust me, they go fast. Watching that technicolor Lombok sunset while listening to chilled out beats with a beach cocktail in my hand was easily one of the most memorable moments of our trip.

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort_2

Le swimming pool.

Seriously. It’s that a gorgeous site? My mother would love it. She’d be doing laps every day in this baby.

Villa Ombak Sunset_Swimming Pool

Oh, yes. That’s the beach you can spot just over the road. Yep, it’s that close.

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort_6

Villa Ombak Sunset_Resort

Villa Ombak Sunset Beach

Sunset cocktail area with beanbag chairs and swings.

Villa Ombak Sunset_5

When the tide is in, you can swim out to the swings and face the waves as they come crashing in. At night, it’s the perfect couples spot.

But this is a pretty nice spot too.
Villa Ombak Sunset_4

Villa Ombak Sunset_3

The cocktail bar.
Villa Ombak Sunset_9

Villa Ombak Sunset

A fine example of Lombok’s technicolor sunsets.

Villa Ombak Sunset_Carrie_1

Villa Ombak Sunset_2

Vila Ombak

The next day we moved to Vila Ombak to be closer to the harbor area. Vila Ombak is located on the main strip, and there are a number of restaurants, bars, and shops right outside the main entrance. In other words, we moved closer to the party. (Not that we partied. You’ll find out why in the next paragraph.)

While Vila Ombak is a bit older than its sister resort, we were pleased that it was clean and well maintained. Our room was huge, and we had a gorgeous outdoor bathroom that included a bathtub that I never got around to enjoying. We were a bit worried about the noise from neighboring restaurants and bars, but our bungalow was set far enough back that we weren’t bothered at all. In fact, we slept really well for the remainder of our time there, excluding the night that I was dealing with a serious bout of food poisoning from Tir Na Nog, the Irish bar on the island. The next day I was pretty shaky, and I didn’t have much strength. So we opted to spend our time at the pool. It was really rough going at the pool, as you can see. Villa Ombak
Villa Ombak Swimming Pool

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Villa Ombak Swimming Pool_3

Since I was sick for two full days, we had a little bit of time to plan where we were going to have our first (of a few) seafood dinners. We opted for Scallywags, which was just a few meters away from our doorstep.

I admit, part of our decision had to do with their slick slogans, gorgeous al fresco dining area and the candlelit tables. Simply put, they had the nicest display of seafood and meats for grilling. It ended up being our favorite restaurant on the island. Our food was served within 15 minutes of ordering, the seafood was fresh and piping hot, and the prices were really reasonable. The service is excellent, by the way. We liked it so much, we went back for our last evening meal on the island.

Continue reading about things to see and do on Gili Trawangan.

Scallywags, Gili Trawangan

Scallywags, Gili Trawangan5

Scallywags, Gili Trawangan3


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    My folks would feel pretty comfortable staying in these places as well … seems like the Bali eye for design also transfers over to the Gilis as well!


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    That outdoor bathroom looks amazing! Sorry to hear you got sick, though. Being sick while traveling is the worst.

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