human trafficking
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A Story About Human Trafficking

human trafficking

Dear Readers,

Today I’m posting on a particularly important topic. It a topic that is incredibly important, but one that most of us don’t know much about. This is a story about human trafficking.

John Bardos, the man behind Jet Set Citizen, has been a blogger friend of mine for many years. When he approached me about helping him to raise awareness on human trafficking, it was impossible to say no. John has dedicated an enormous amount of time into raising awareness on the subject of human trafficking, and you can help him get the word out!

Here’s how you can help to spread the word about human trafficking:

1. Share this post on your social networks and encourage your friends to do the same. Please use the buttons below to help us shed light on this dirty secret.Share this Human Trafficking Story on Facebook    Share this Human Trafficking Story on Twitter   Share this Human Trafficking Story onGoogle    Share this Human Trafficking Story on Pinterest
2. Make a small contribution on The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page

Dirty secrets behind the travel postcard

Travelling in SE Asia sometimes feels like you’re in a postcard. Sunsets, beaches, temples and blue skies and sunshine combine to make it a beautiful place to visit.

But the postcard has some dirty secrets usually hidden from tourists.

Ben Randall spent three years as one of those tourists, a travelling photographer snapping the kind of picture-perfect postcard shots we all love. He didn’t realize that a darker side existed – until after he left.

His friend “M” was kidnapped from Vietnam, believed to be a victim of human trafficking, sold as a wife or prostitute in China. Ben met M, a vibrant and sharp 15 year old, in Northern Vietnam, where he was teaching English.

As Ben searched for more information on what had happened to M, he began to realize she was not alone. One report1 suggests there are as many as 27 million victims of human trafficking right now, with the majority of them in Asia and the Pacific. A third of these victims are said to be children2. Most victims of human trafficking will have experienced physical or sexual violence during trafficking.

But it’s not just in Asia – the UN estimates that 161 countries are involved as a source, transit or destination. The dirty secret is kept by us all.

Ben could have taken the easy option, and turned away. Instead, he’s using the skills he has, in filmmaking and photography, to shed light on the issue.

He’s going back to find out what happened to M. And he’s making a feature-length documentary about his search and the victims of human trafficking.

He needs your help to complete the production and post-production phases of the documentary, having paid for most of the costs so far himself. Making the documentary a reality will show people what’s really happening in this horrific $32 billion industry.

Watch this short video which explains the search for M and how you can contribute.

As a reward you can have your name in the films credits or receive some of Ben’s stunning photography.

The Human, Earth Project’ crowdfunding page

Please use the buttons below to share this with others who might, and help us shed light on this dirty secret.

Share this Human Trafficking Story on Facebook    Share this Human Trafficking Story on Twitter   Share this Human Trafficking Story onGoogle    Share this Human Trafficking Story on Pinterest

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

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