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Here’s the scoop.

Rather than taking a weeks’ holiday to the Mediterranean, sitting on the same beach and doing the same thing day in day out, why not book a Med cruise and experience multiple destinations in one fell swoop?

In a week, you could explore five or six different locations, be it beach or city, and enjoy an altogether more enriching yet deliciously luxurious and stress-free escape. How’s that for a holiday to remember?

A cruise holiday in the Med is an exciting affair that can be pretty much anything you want it to be. Fancy a short break to a couple of great cities? Done. Want to explore the the Spanish coast without the hassle of car hire or public transport? Check. Feel like exploring the Greek Islands, and spending a day in Athens to boot? No problem.

That’s the great thing about the Mediterranean. Thanks to its geographic location, it’s easy enough to sail around many of the hottest holiday destinations in the summer brochure (and plenty more besides) by cruise, which means you get plenty more bang for your buck. Why not discover Gaudi’s vibrant architecture in Barcelona, or spend a day wandering around the chic boutiques and pavement cafes of Palma in Majorca? Or, you could opt for a day of discovery in the jet-set French towns of Cannes or St Tropez, where celebrities are two-a-penny and you’ll feel every inch the VIP as you sip a frothy cappuccino and peer over your oversized sunglasses.

A Med cruise is the perfect way to explore this beautiful corner of the world to the full. What’s more, for non-flyers, it’s easily accessible as part of a UK cruise. So whether you’re after a sea-based adventure or a flying visit to some of Europe’s most beautiful cities, a Med cruise could be right up your street.

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Post Author: Carrie Kellenberger

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