Baishawan Beach in northern Taiwan
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Taiwan Travel: Baishawan Beach

At 9am, a sea breeze is puffing gently across the waters of Baishawan – also known as White Sand Beach – in northern Taiwan.

We’ve arrived early in the day, not only to nab ourselves a prime position on the spotless (and empty) beach, but also to avoid the heat of the day. The fine white sand is already scalding our feet as we trudge across the length of the beach to our rented piece of shade for the day.

Several sand castles later, we’re ready for the water. The waves break gently against the shoreline, but they’re nothing a five-year-old can’t handle. We plop down at the water’s edge and let the water run over us before venturing into deeper waters for a leisurely swim.

Baishawan Beach

Baishawan is one of several beaches in northern Taiwan. While not the most popular – that honor goes to Green Bay – it is certainly one that deserves recognition for its 1,000 meter stretch of fine white sand, clean blue waters, rolling green hills, and volcanic rock formations.

Baishawan is one of a few beaches in Northern Taiwan that has remained relatively undeveloped, but that’s part of its charm. Baishawan is a short distance away from Taipei and it’s certainly one of our favorite beaches in Taiwan for whiling away the heat of summer. We also head to Shalun Beach in Danshui, Taipei if we’ve only got a few hours to spare.

Baishwan is one of the few beaches in northern Taiwan that has remained relatively undeveloped, but that’s part of its charm. There is a small town within walking distance where you’ll find convenience stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, but make sure you bring sunblock, water, and adequate shade for the day. Don’t expect to find lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, beach hawkers, and washing facilities on this beach. These luxuries haven’t arrived there yet, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Despite the lack of amenities, there’s enough on Baishawan to keep everyone in the family occupied. If you’re lucky and you get there early, you might be able to secure a piece of tented shade from one of a few local vendors on the beach.

There are usually a few locals offering some fun in the sun in the way of water sports and activities. Baishawan has plenty of hiking trails and the area is also popular with hang gliders who come to launch themselves off the rolling green hills directly behind the beach.

To get there:

By car: Take Highway 2 along the coast past Danshui. When you see Marker #22, turn right into the parking lot.

By MRT: Take the MRT to Danshui Station on the red line.  There is a bus station across the street next to the McDonalds. Hop on the Danshui Express or the Taichi Express bus bound for Jinshan. Get off at Baishawan. The drive takes about 45 minutes.

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Baishawan Beach

Baishawan Beach


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