Photography by Carrie Kellenberger

Carrie Kellenberger Photography: Photo Shoot for Rice Society

To say that I’ve been busy lately is a bit of an understatement. I’m in the midst of making a huge job transition and I’m juggling a full-time job and three new freelance clients that have kept me busy during my free time. I’m spending way too much time in front of my beloved iMac. I never thought I’d see the day…

I’m ecstatic for all the extra work, but also really tired. None of this hasn’t left much time for blogging, and my web sites are suffering because of it. Everything changes on May 28th, though. That’s when I’ll be able go back to my regular blog posts.

Anyway, a girl can’t stop having fun just because she has a lot of work to do. Rather than making my eyes worse by spending all my time in front of the computer, I decided to take a day off and spent it in the studio getting creative with my camera.

I joined photographers Craig Ferguson, Yi Chen, and Josh Ellis in the First Zoom photography studio for a fashion shoot for Rice Society, a clothing labeled designed by Canadian fashion designer Jenna Robinette.

Here are some of my images from that day.

This is what happens when five friends get together for a day of fun and creativity in a photography studio.

Which photo is your favorite?

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-1

Stylist and clothing designer Jenna Pearce working on model/photographer Yi Chen.

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-7

Model: Yi Chen

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-13

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-17

Model: Helen Objartel

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-19

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-21

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-24

Photo Shoot for Rice Society Clothing-25

I'm a chronically ill Canadian who has been living in Taiwan since 2006. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades! I love art, gardening, flower arranging, reading (that's an understatement if you've seen my GoodReads profile), and snuggling with my cats. Animal videos make me cry. I hate cooking. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my garden bloom! Learning about new cultures and exploring the world has been my thing since I started traveling at age 19. A self-professed autodidact, I can speak comfortably on many different subjects and hold a special place in my heart for science, technology, law, health and medicine, and history. You can find me nerding out at home most of the time due to being chronically ill and housebound. If I'm not engaged in one of the activities listed above, I'm probably building websites. Check my About page under Carrie Kellenberger to learn why I'm taking you on this journey with me through My Several Worlds. I can't wait to get to know you better!


  • alita

    Hey Carrie, love the photo of Helen in the feather collar dress on the step ladder. Jenna’s so good, those leg elastic things are awesome too. Nice way to take a creative break from your work – I’d love to join you on a creative day out when i get back from thailand in 6 weeks.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the advice – it didn’t even occur to me that my tag words could lead to unwanted attention — naive, after all these years? Yep, seems that way… so thanks again!

    • Carrie

      Have a great trip, Alita. I think a creative day is just what we need. Maybe we can get Rock in Hose in the studio for a promo shoot one of these days.

  • Cris Campos

    Hi Carrie!
    I’m passing by to say hello. 🙂
    I love your photo posts! My favourite photo here is the third one, love the light, the expression and the close up!

    • Carrie

      Hi Cris! Wow. It’s been so long. I’ve tried to keep up with you guys, but I think you’re as busy as I am. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately. It’s just so much fun. Even if nothing comes out of it, it’s still a great way to spend the day.

      • Cris Campos

        I know! Such a long time! We’ve had some quiet time last year. Trying to be more active now. Anyway, I always come here to have a look. =)
        I used to love the studio at Uni, I miss the experiments, so much to create and discover!

  • Sonya

    It’s a chillout Friday and I’m stopping by my favorite blogs. I’ve just left South America and now I’m heading into Asia. What I always love about My Several Worlds is how creative and eclectic (and of course globally minded) it can be. This day-in-the-life of photographer Carrie is a delight. Congrats on your transition, wishing you more success!
    p.s. Take good care! I find 20-minute cat naps work well for those super busy 8-day weeks. ha!

    • Carrie


      You are a wonderwoman! I very rarely find time to stop and comment on other blogs when I’m on the road and I’m very flattered that you’ve done so with me. Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot to me!

  • Jenna

    Thanks so much for posting this, and sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Will be able to link you back very soon!
    You work so hard Carrie, despite being so so SO busy. You’re an inspiration to us hopelessly mutli-task challenged people. POWER WOMAN!

    • Carrie

      Aw, Jenna. Your comment touches my heart. Thanks for your support, babe. You’re a great friend and an inspiration. I’m very glad to have met you and I can’t wait for my first Rice Society original designs!

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