Taiwanese Fried Chicken
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Taiwanese Deep-Fried Chicken

Despite the fact that most Taiwanese are probably not familiar with the term “finger-licking good” doesn’t mean they don’t know what honest-to-goodness deep-fried chicken is.

In fact, they’ve perfected the art of producing tender white chicken chunks dipped in a special batter and sprinkled with the most delicious herbs and spices to be found.

Taiwanese Deep-Fried Chicken is one of the most popular snacks in Taiwan, and it’s not unusual to see kids snacking on chicken fillets or  chicken chunks at school. You can even find pre-packaged deep fried fillets at the local 7-11.

The Taiwanese recipe is highly addictive. Vendors offer a number of seasonings, such as white pepper, chili, Taiwanese basil, curry, dried laver, plum, and garlic to give it an exotic flavor. Ingredients seem to differ from food cart to food cart.

It’s bad for me, I know, but there’s no denying that the Taiwanese have a thing or two to teach the Colonel about secret blends of herbs and spices.  This spicy treat never fails to make my mouth water every time I pass through a night market.

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