My Several Worlds’ Best Kept Travel Secrets

First off, a big thank you to Katie Erica from Tripbase Blog for asking me to contribute to her list of best kept travel secrets from some of the most famous travel bloggers in the industry today.

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Been somewhere amazing you’d never even heard of? You want to let your buddies in on the secret, right? Read on for my top travel gems!

What’s interesting about travel is that the places / hotels / restaurants that everyone agrees are fantastic, are often not so fantastic.

And even if they are, it can all be a bit predictable.

Now what’s really fun is when you find somewhere obscure that is truly out of this world.

You can’t believe your luck to have stumbled across this travel gem. How could you not have heard of this place before?

You want to shout it from the rooftops.

So here they are… My Several Worlds’ Best Kept Travel Secrets


1.  Nefatari Villas, Ubud, Bali

Nefetari Villas

Image Source: Nefatari Exclusive Villas

Imagine staying in a private villa set amongst lush green rice paddies deep in the heart of Bali. Nefatari Villas has a small but extremely efficient set of staff on hand, and they made our time there unforgettable. Our breakfast was served to us on our private outdoor terrace each morning, our private plunge pool was cleaned and swept each day, and they provided us with a car service that was available on demand. The icing on the cake though, was the special meal they put together for us when they learned that John was going to propose to me. They turned the outdoor courtyard into a private outdoor restaurant for us complete with a fountain and small pool full of scented candles and fresh flower petals floating in the water, a beautiful cloth gazebo laced with fresh orchids, romantic music, and a homemade Balinese meal served by candlelight. It was the most romantic night of our lives!

3 reasons to stay at Nefatari Villas:

  • – Your own private plunge pool and sun terrace
  • – Traditional home-cooked Balinese meals delivered right to your door
  • – Relax in complete and utter isolation


2. Wulai, Taiwan

Wulai_HotspringsImage source

Famous for its natural hot springs and aboriginal culture, any visitor will love a day or two in the aboriginal village of Wulai. It has everything you could possibly want for a fun day outdoors, including stunning mountain scenery, hiking trails, and a waterfall. There are plenty of hotels, spas, and hot spring resorts in town, but why pay when you can experience it for free? Down by the river, visitors can enjoy open air bathing in a natural hot spring . Cool off with a relaxing swim in the river afterwards.

3 reasons to go to Wulai

  • – The gorgeous mountain scenery
  • – Natural outdoor hot spring baths
  • – Learn about traditional Aboriginal culture in Taiwan


3. Department Store food courts throughout Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore


Department Store Food Court, Japan
Department Store Food Court, Japan

Image Source

We just love department store food courts in Asia. They’re absolutely nothing like boring old North American food courts. There’s always an enormous range of food to choose from, and it all comes at very reasonable prices.

3 reasons to eat at Asian food courts

  • – Mix and match your meals
  • – Free food samples
  • – Fresh, tasty, and cheap

I nominate these five bloggers to share three of their best kept travel secrets on their blog.

Stay tuned for a final list of Top Bloggers’ Best Kept Travel Secrets, which will be shared as a special post on Tripbase Blog.

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