Flying with Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines: There’s No Other Way To Fly

singapore45,000 feet above the South China Sea is as close as John and I have been to heaven on an airplane, especially when we’re flying with Singapore Airlines. I’m talking about sheer comfort and class aboard an airplane.

There’s a reason why Singapore Airlines was ranked 33rd this year in Fortune’s World Most Admired Companies in 2009. It’s an airline that has excelled in safety, service, and innovation for years and is well-known amongst travel enthusiasts as being the very best of the best. We wholeheartedly agree.

This was our first experience flying with Singapore Airlines. Our business class tickets on Singapore Airlines were purchased with our air miles. We didn’t spend a cent. Check out Fly For Free With Air Miles if you’re interested in finding out how we did it.

Mixed Meat SataySeafood Salad

Mixed Satay Appetizer and Seafood Salad

We each enjoyed a spacious fully reclining and adjustable seat, personal television, in-seat power supply, and USB port. From Taiwan’s KrisFlyer lounge to Singapore’s Changi International Airport, John and I were pampered with food, entertainment and the ever-charming demeanor of the airline’s famous Singapore Girls.

The airline serves gourmet cuisine in all three classes. We enjoyed a full five course meal, which kept us preoccupied for the duration of our short flight. However, we still managed to take full advantage of the complimentary Singapore Slings and the in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld. Introduced in 1997, Krisworld offers on-demand movies, free language lessons, audio, and Nintendo games in all classes. All in all, we were really happy with our journey on Singapore Airlines. In our opinion, flying doesn’t get much better than this.

 Vanilla Ice Cream with Homemade Mango Sauce

Our main entree was steak with roasted vegetables, with vanilla ice cream and fresh mango sauce for dessert.

Wine and Cheese

Finally, an assortment of cheese, grapes, and wine. The staff came pretty close to having to roll us off the plane.

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  • andygeog

    I’m flying to Singapore & Australia (and back to UK) on the A380 business class this year with Singapore Airlines.

    I must say (and I’m sorry if this is somewhat unclassy), I am so excited a little bit of wee has come out.

    Can’t wait!


    • Carrie

      Hi Andy,
      You’re in for a treat. I’m expecting a full update on your site! Good luck with your upcoming travels. It sounds like you’ve got a pretty amazing trip planned out.

  • Craig Ferguson

    Singapore Airlines are great. I’ve done the Sydney-Singapore-Bangkok flight with them a couple of times (in economy/coach) and it’s always been good. Much better than BA on the same route (actually it was Syd-Bkk). Even better, SQ are usually the cheapest airline flying from Aust to SE Asia.

  • Steve

    Great stuff, Carrie. It sounds like quite the flight. I flew with Qatar Air in January from Hong Kong to London. Even in economy it was an amazing experience. Airlines outside of North America seem to have much better service.

    • Carrie

      Hey Matt,
      Yeah, I’m terrible and I know it. But at least I didn’t forget. I was going to snap some more pictures, but as you can see, I got distracted by Singapore Slings, food and entertainment.

  • abraxis

    I do the SIN-TPE run regularly. The service and food in C never fails to amaze. I know I’m going to be well fed the moment the satay appetizers show up. The ONLY time I will have a Silver Kris/Singapore Sling is on an SQ flight. Think I’d be too embarrassed to ask for one anywhere else…

    And yes, I too cash in air miles for these trips. Good deal!

  • andygeog

    Thanks Carrie,

    I’m not one of these business class flyers who conform to the notion of ‘sit quietly and remain nonchalant’. I’ll be taking loads of pictures and will have experienced the full range of A380 seat movements before we’ve even left the jetbridge at Heathrow airport!

    I must make sure to document it before the SIngapore Slings hit me.


  • Bilety

    Being in the travel industry myself I must say that indeed Singapore Airlines are one of my favourties – probably after Qatar Airlines. Food great and of course who would forget the Singapore Sling readily available in all flights. Upon arriving the destination, announcement of gates for connecting flights were flashed in the individual LCD’s which makes the passenger aware where to proceed makes traveling a breeze.

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