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14 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Taipei

Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Taipei

Who knew it? With all the amazing posts on Taiwan, do you think I could find a single post that had compiled a list of things to do on Valentine’s Day? Not a one. My online search was completely fruitless.

Here are a few ideas for accommodations, dining, day trips and weekend excursions to get you started on your day of love.

Romantic Accommodations for Valentine’s Day in Taipei

Love Motels are a recipe for love. First made famous in Japan,love motels have taken Taiwan by storm. There are plenty to choose from, ranging from hedonistic gardens of pleasure to downright kinky.

The Grand Hotel: If I had my choice of places to go on Valentine’s Day, I’d definitely consider a visit to The Grand Hotel. Its traditional palace-style architecture and vibrant red exterior make it one of Taipei’s most recognizable landmarks. Whether you opt to spend the night or drop in for afternoon tea, the Grand Hotel’s passionate red and gold interior promise a Valentine’s Day to remember.

W Hotel – The W Hotel in Taipei is one of the classiest places in town. There’s a reason why it’s the top choice for accommodation with visiting celebrities.

Romantic Dinners for Two for Valentine’s Day in Taipei

Italian fusion bistro Forchetta comes strongly recommended by A Hungry Girl’s Guide to Taipei. Check out her second review of this restaurant. Her photos are enough for me. It looks divine. An Ho Rd., Section 1, Lane 127, No. 4, Taipei.  Tel: +886-2-2707 – 7776

Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Hotel: The Far Eastern Plaza has some pretty amazing restaurants and bars. We’ve eaten here a couple of times and it’s always a nice evening out. 38/39F, 201, Dun Hua (Tun Hua) Rd., Section 2. Tel: (02)2378-8888 ext. 5803 – These restaurants are all worth checking out.

Marco Polo Restaurant on the 38th floor caters to lovers of Italian cuisine. With dishes like roasted lobster with seafood sauce and duck ravioli, this is sure to be a dining experience worth remembering.

The Marco Paul Lounge is located right next door to the restaurant. With an incredible view of Taipei’s skyline, it must be one of the most romantic places in Taipei. It offers an enticing variety of drinks and cocktails accompanied by a fine selection of cigars. On Valentine’s Day, tables are near-impossible to get without reservations booked far in advance.

The Shanghai Pavilion on the 39th floor features antique decor from the 1930s and a huge selection of unique dishes and Chinese and Western liquors. Acclaimed as one of ‘Taipei’s Best Restaurants’, The Shanghai Pavilion guarantees a delightful culinary experience, contemporary surroundings, and unparalleled views of Taipei City.

Romantic Day Trips and Weekend Getaways

Beitou Hot Springs and Wulai Hot Springs – Bubbling sulfurous waters await the intrepid in Beitou and the scenic hills around Taipei. Check out my guide to Taiwanese hot springs for more information.

Danshui’s Fisherman’s Wharf doesn’t sound very romantic, but this quaint little harbor is full of activities that will keep you occupied for the day. There are plenty of kitschy shops and souvenir vendors along Old Street.

Take a stroll along a pedestrian bridge called Lover’s Bridge and enjoy the fresh air. Hop on one of the ferries going to Bali for a romantic dinner. If you’re not prone to seasickness, board one of the motor boats for an exciting five minute ride to the pier. Did I mention the food? There are plenty of fresh seafood restaurants and street vendors to choose from.

Miramar Ferris Wheel: Head on over to Miramar Entertainment Park in Neihu for an incredible view of the city on the Miramar Ferris Wheel. The ferris wheel sits on roof of a shopping complex and has a combined height of 100 meters.

Taiwan’s famous Eastern Coastline makes for an incredibly romantic day of driving, with some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the world, from plunging sea cliffs and splashing surf to beaches, nature reserves and rural towns.

Yangmingshan National Park: Instead of bringing her flowers, why not bring her to them? Yangmingshan’s Flower Season is here. Cherry blossoms, azaleas and camellias are already dotting the beautiful landscape of Yangmingshan.

I'm a chronically ill Canadian who has been living in Taiwan since 2006. I'm a bit of a jack of all trades! I love art, gardening, flower arranging, reading (that's an understatement if you've seen my GoodReads profile), and snuggling with my cats. Animal videos make me cry. I hate cooking. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my garden bloom! Learning about new cultures and exploring the world has been my thing since I started traveling at age 19. A self-professed autodidact, I can speak comfortably on many different subjects and hold a special place in my heart for science, technology, law, health and medicine, and history. You can find me nerding out at home most of the time due to being chronically ill and housebound. If I'm not engaged in one of the activities listed above, I'm probably building websites. Check my About page under Carrie Kellenberger to learn why I'm taking you on this journey with me through My Several Worlds. I can't wait to get to know you better!


    • Carrie

      Hi Mark. That must have been an awesome weiya. What a great place to have it! I’ve been in and looked around. The view is incredible and it’s definitely one of the most romantic places I’ve seen. We phoned this weekend and found out that each person has to spend a minimum of $700NT for a table. Steep, but worth it if you want to impress the ladies, huh?

  • jason

    Ran across ur page on google for a recommendation on dinner spots for v-day. thx, ill try to get reservations at one of them. btw, ur blog looks great!

    • Carrie

      We had plans to go to Marco Polo, but that was before we were invited to visit a friend in Toyko. We decided to cancel our Valentine’s Day plans and save the money for a weekend in Japan. We’ve done most of this stuff already. I’m totally up for getting off the island for a few days, especially if it involves the Japanese cherry blossom season. 🙂

  • Patrick Cowsill

    I knew you were canceling your plans – I was just bugging. It’s better to go out a day before or a day after Valentine’s Day, so that restaurants can’t take advantage of you with set meals that are incredibly overpriced and lousy reservation times. Or, have a Valentine’s dinner at home. Did you put that up as a suggestion?

    Patrick Cowsill’s last blog post..Strawberry Generation X in My Backyard

    • Carrie

      Hey Patrick,
      I agree with you. We were also a little bit surprised at the cost of the meals and the lousy reservation times. One of the restaurants we considered booking with wanted a $2000NT deposit a week before our date. That restaurant did not make this list. Since the point of this post was to mention some romantic places for Valentine’s Day in Taipei, I figured I’d leave the romance at home out of the equation. 😉 John and I went for a long bike road around the northern coastline and then we came home and used your suggestion. We cooked for ourselves and headed out for a few drinks later. What did you guys end up doing for Valentine’s Day?

  • Patrick Cowsill

    We went to Wanhua to have dinner with the in-laws and friends. They have a custom that has been in the family since the time of my wife’s great-grandpa (around 70 years). A group of friends started a group where they worship Guan Yu (關羽) together. They have a little statue in a glass box that is passed around from home to home every three months. Each time a new person gets the statue, he must treat the group to dinner. There were a couple of really old people there, like my wife’s grandma and another woman. The rest were descendants.

    I spent the evening chasing my daughter around the restaurant, which was okay with me as I don’t have much use for traditional Taiwanese food. My daughter’s younger cousin was there. She was the model of perfect behavior, and didn’t stir from her high chair the entire evening. This brought on the usual comparisons, but I’m happy with my daughter’s free spirit.

    Patrick Cowsill’s last blog post..Strawberry Generation X in My Backyard

  • m dee

    sorry, this is not vday related. but i’d love to know more about the sanshi pod village (how to get there, etc). i will be in taipei in early march for about one week and would love to photograph the area. pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated. thanks for the time!

  • Erica

    I’m just curious, would you say that Taipei is a romantic city? Last week, I was thinking about what the most romantic Asian cities are. Perhaps I should do a survey.

    Erica’s last blog post..Why London?

    • Carrie

      Hi Erica,

      Now that I think about it, I do think Taipei is pretty romantic. There are loads of beautiful parks, and terrific restaurants for every budget. John and I never have a problem finding something fun to do, and speaking strictly from observation, it seems like there are always a lot of couples out and about, enjoying the attractions that Taipei has to offer.

  • TK


    I am going to Taipei to meet up with my girlfriend staying there and it is going to be her birthday. Can you give some ideas how we can spend the evening.

    I am not trying to sound cheap but I can only go for reasonable ones, some of your suggestions can be very pricey, but if you can give some affordable ideas but still romantic, that will be great…. Many thanks!

    Best regards,
    Ps. she is living in Danshui area.

    • Carrie

      Hi TK,

      Taipei is a beautiful city and there are lots of places that you can go that won’t cost more than a few dollars and some good planning. Danshui is known for its Fisherman’s Wharf and Lover’s Bridge. Why not plan on meeting her on Lover’s Bridge with a bouquet of her favorite flowers later in the afternoon. Pack a picnic basket and a nice blanket, and take the boat over to Bali to enjoy the spectacular sunset. (Don’t forget a nice glass of bubbly to mark the occasion!) There are lots of nice little coffee shops and restaurants in the area as well if an outdoor event isn’t your thing.

  • Remko

    Hi, found you via Google. I live in The Netherlands and have visited Taiwan since the year 2000. I fell in love with the island and the people. Recently I met this great Taiwanese woman online. She and I will meet each other for the first time next month (Oct.), which is why I visited this page for inspiration. Thanks for the pointers and suggestions.
    I wanted to take her on a trip in a hot air balloon, but that only works in July and August.
    Since Taiwan has a raining season, I saw little about things to do indoors, except restaurants. Any suggestions there?
    Even if it may not be the ultimate romantic place, Taipei 101 is nice. It has good restaurants, shopping and an amazing view.
    Have you been to Elephant mountain yet? You can witness a beautiful sunset with Taipei 101 tower.
    Anyway, Taipei has a lot to offer. There is this old area where the houses are still small and these are preserved. Many small shops. Quite nice. If you like I will ask my friends the details.

    • Carrie Kellenberger

      Hi Remko,

      Thanks for stopping by. October isn’t necessarily rainy all the time, but you’re right, there doesn’t seem like there are a whole lot of things to do indoors in Taiwan. There are lots of great museums in Taiwan and unique coffee shops and art galleries, or you could check out some of the mega shopping malls or see a movie. You’d be surprised at what’s available for you to do, even though these things aren’t widely publicized.

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