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[Updated from 2007 to Feb 2021]

I never thought this cover photo would come in handy, but the timing is perfect. I was on the cover of Discover Taipei magazine (July/August 2007) and was the unofficial Pineapple Queen of Taipei! Hope this made you smile. 

Many thanks to my dear friend YF who remembers this image and reminded me about it last night just as President Tsai-Ing Wen was  reminding the public that it is our national duty to support pineapple farmers in Taiwan.

This week, the main news in Taiwan shifted its focus to local pineapple farmers in Taiwan after learning that China will ban all pineapple imports from Taiwan starting March 1st, 2021. This is another bullying tactic aimed at Taiwan just on the cusp of pineapple season as farmers Pingtung, Kaohsiung, and Tainan are readying 10% their pineapple crops for export.

China is Taiwan’s biggest consumer of Taiwan’s pineapples. In 2020, 41,661 tons of Taiwan pineapples were exported to China with a value of NT$1.5 billion. The official reason for the ban is ‘harmful organisms in the fruit’, which could ‘pose a threat to China’s agriculture and environment’. 

There is no doubt that this is another attempt by China to punish Taiwan for its democratic choices. 

Sounds like Beijing simply can’t handle our sweet pineapples from Taiwan!

#台灣鳳梨 #FreedomPineapple

News links for further information: 

Focus Taiwan: Local officials lament China’s halt of Taiwan pineapple imports

Taipei Times: PRC bans import of Taiwan pineapples

About Discover Taipei magazine:

Taipei City Government is pushing Taipei forward into the 21st century. Since September 1997, the Department of Information and Tourism has published an English quarterly magazine—”TAIPEI.” The magazine’s goal is to furnish foreign residents and visitors worldwide with complete information about Taipei City. “TAIPEI”s contents highlight Taipei’s history, culture, customs, artistic events, daily goings-on, as well as her relationships with other cities.

Taipei City Government, Department of Information and Tourism

Cover model: Carrie Kellenberger. Cover photo by by Joanna Rees

The link to the original magazine is here if you’d like to read it in full:

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