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A Road Trip from Canada to the USA

At the cottage in North Bay.  I shared a snack with my little friend, Chippy.

Leaving home is always hard. It gets harder every time I go home. I said good-bye to friends and family four days ago, but I’ve been able to draw it out a bit with my father when he surprised John and I with a road trip from my home in Carleton Place, Ontario to John’s home in Algona, Iowa.

The view from my cottage.  Lake Nippissing, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Actually, both my parents were supposed to accompany John and I to Iowa, where we were going to introduce our parents at least once before the wedding next year.  Sadly, my mother wasn’t able to accompany us because my grandfather has been ill.  She opted to stay at home and look after him.

On the other hand, my Dad was more than happy to make the trip with us.  We didn’t find out about his plans for a road trip until a few days before we left, although I had to wonder why he had the road atlas out so much.  I guess I’m more like my father than I thought.  I thrive on international travel and he thrives on road trips.  We share a passion that is different in many ways, yet it’s that same.  I’m really glad I got the chance to spend this time with him.  I’ve been able to see the world through his eyes and for that I’m grateful.

Our first day of driving ended at our cottage in North Bay.  We spent two nights there and enjoyed the fresh air and warm weather.  From North Bay, we traveled to Sault St. Marie, where I bid a final farewell to my beloved homeland for another year.  We traveled all day and spent the night in Marinette, Wisconsin.

I’ve always dreamed of traveling the US by car or RV. John and I have talked about it a few times. We’ve done numerous road trips by car and on motorcycles in countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, so it seems only natural to continue with this mode of travel when/if we move back to North America.

Our third day of driving took us through several storms and by the end of the day, blue skies were shining once more and we were able to stop and take a look at the magnificent Mississippi River.  Minnesota is a gorgeous state to travel through and I’d love to come back and travel through there during the fall.  I guess I’ll be able to do this when I move here with John in a few years.  I’m looking forward to it.

We arrived at John’s home in Algona, Iowa late last night after three days of driving.  The scenery was gorgeous and it was a great way to say good-bye and take a last long look at everything that I’ll be missing over the next year.

My Dad and I on the Mississippi River in Minnesota, USA.

Storm clouds gathering in Minnesota.

A storybook setting for the Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, Minnesota.

‘Nuff said.  Just had to share it because it makes me smile.

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