This is my list of top travel adventures in Taiwan. I’ve hot linked the places that I’ve already been to and written about. If the activity is in italics, it means I’ve been there, but I haven’t written about it yet. Enjoy!

My Taiwan Travel Bucket List

Taipei Adventures – In and Around Taipei

 Taipei Theme Restaurants and Popular Restaurants

Northern Taiwan

  • Baishawan Beach
  • Yehliu Geopark
  • Wulai Aboriginal Village and Hot Springs
  • Visit Jiufen, an old mining town that has a famously photogenic night market. It was also the inspiration for the spirit world in Studio Ghibli’s famous Japanese animation film, Spirited Away.
  • Jinshan – Taiwan’s famous gold mining town
  • Visit Peruse JuMing Museum, a massive art museum in JinShan
  • Yingge Pottery Town
  • Visit Shei-Pa National Park
  • Lavender Garden
  • Hike Xueshan (Snow Mountain)

Central Cross-Island Highway

East Coast Highway

Southern Cross Island Highway




  • Fung Ja Night Market
  • Rainbow Village
  • Changhua
  • Lukang
  • Xitou’s Bamboo Forest (the honeymoon spot of Taiwan)



Taiwan’s Islands

Just for fun:




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