Photo Moment: Mount Fuji Temple Dolls

One of my favorite photos from Japan is of these colorful little temple dolls. We found them at the last station in a temple 6.3km from the top of Mt. Fuji.  Although the weather refused to cooperate with us that day, we still had a great time exploring the area despite the fact that the elusive mountain remained hidden behind her cloak of clouds and mist.

China Photo Journal: Revisiting Chángbáishan

Chángbáishan is a volcanic mountain located in Jilin Province, China. Straddling the Chinese/Korean border, Mount Chang Bai is a popular tourist destination for travelers to Northeast China. Locals will attest that a pilgrimage to Chángbáishan should be made between the end of June and August for those who want to view Heavenly Lake, the mirror-like volcanic lake nestled in a crater at the summit of Changbaishan. Continue Reading →

China Travelogue: To Changbaishan and Heart-in-Mouth Bus Rides

Changbaishan is a mountain range on the Chinese-Korean border in Northeast China. Heavenly Lake sits in a volcanic crater at the top of a mountain. Continue Reading →