Travel Advice for First-Time Travelers

What is your travel advice for first-time travelers? The answer to that question really depends on the type of travel you’re doing. Solo travel, couples travel, long travel, and travel with a purpose all come with their own sets of rules. Here’s a list of things that I’ve learned over the past decade that have helped a lot in our travels around the world. Continue Reading →

Rainy Season in Borneo, Flash Floods, and Why You Should Always Drive A Pickup

A flash flood in Kota Kinabalu during rainy season in Borneo leaves motorists stranded on the road. Not us, though. My husband decides to drive through it! Continue Reading →

My Several Worlds’ Best Kept Travel Secrets

First off, a big thank you to Katie Erica from Tripbase Blog for asking me to contribute to her list of best kept travel secrets from some of the most famous travel bloggers in the industry today. Here’s how Tripbase Blog Tag works: Been somewhere amazing you’d never even heard of? You want to let your buddies in on the secret, right? Read on for my top travel gems! What’s interesting about travel is that the places / hotels / restaurants Continue Reading →