Tokyo Fashion Police: What’s Wrong With This Picture # 2

This guy was by far the most interesting looking person we’ve seen on our travels and he was more than happy to oblige when we asked for a picture. There’s so much going I totally missed the peak-a-boo nipples until I looked at the picture when we got home. I was too busy gazing with mystification at the live fish swimming in his fishbowl earrings. And the cut-off doll’s head on his hat is just plain creepy. Again though….he’s rockin’ Continue Reading →

Japan Photo Journal: Harajuku Kids and a Battle of the Bands

Spend a day walking around Harajuku and you’ll get more than you ever need for a gaggle of sights. Harajuku is well-known for its boutiques and bistros and famous for its Harajuku Kids and Cos-play-zoku aka The Costume Play Gang. A day spent here is a day in voyeur’s paradise. Continue Reading →


Crowds gathering just before the madness begins. Tokyo’s busiest station is called Shibuya. I like the sound of it. Whenever I think of Shibuya, I think of “Shazam!” Bolts of electric light in Shibuya’s on-going onslaught of ad campaigns have the magical ability to transport you into the future, just like the bolts of lightening in Captain Marvel comic books transform the young Billy Batson into an adult superhero. Transformation is complete once you get anywhere within the vicinity of this Continue Reading →

What Your Tuna Goes Through

Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo opens early. This is the place to come if you want to see all kinds of sea dwelling creatures before they end up on your plate as sashimi at the end of the day. 5:30 am comes awfully early when you’re trying to get in the mood to spend time wandering amongst fish carcesses, slimey floors and Japanese fisherman. My stomach was instantly ill at ease from the odor of oil and fish in the Continue Reading →