Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2017 – Cherry Blossom Season

If there’s one thing you should see when you are visiting Taiwan in February and March, it’s the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. There’s no need to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms when you can view them from Taipei’s backyard. Continue Reading →

Seeing Taiwan Through My Sister’s Eyes

It’s exciting when someone visits us in Taiwan. Seeing Taiwan through someone’s eyes for the first time is rewarding, especially when it’s your sister. Continue Reading →

My Several Worlds Is Heading In A New Direction

Finding joy in the aftermath of incurable illness has been very hard, but I am still a global citizen of the world, and I have much to offer readers that are interested in expat life and teaching abroad, and in regards to living with chronic illness. Continue Reading →

Happy Year of the Goat! Another Chinese New Year in Taiwan

This is our ninth Chinese New Year in Taiwan. Last year was the Horse’s year to speed off and accomplish things. This year, the goat reminds us to appreciate what we’ve accomplished. Continue Reading →

Summer ’09 Update from the K-Bergers

Summer is winding to an end. John’s mom, Moira, joined us a few weeks ago and we’ve been on vacation for the last week. Thanks to all of you who wrote or called to find out if we were OK after Typhoon Morakot touched down. We didn’t hear about most of the destruction and devastation left in its wake until we were on the road. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrible tragedy. Find out how Continue Reading →


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a personal blog. John is immersed in school applications at the moment. He is planning to attend NCCU or NTU in the fall to get a Global MBA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so organized, stressed, and excited at the same time. Not only will he be getting back into the world of business, but he’ll be doing something that he’s passionate about as well. After helping him with his admissions essays, I Continue Reading →

Our Wedding Day: Beach Photo Shoot

I promise, this is the last photo essay of our wedding photos. These were taken right after the ceremony in the light of the fading sun. John and I were a little disappointed that we didn’t get more beach photos. Out of 350 photographs, we only had about 25 taken on the beach, and these were the best of those 25. Personally, I don’t think the photographer did a really great job, considering what we paid him. Some of these Continue Reading →