ESL Educators Guide: Teaching & ESL

This month’s ESL Educators Blog Carnival is an open discussion for our participants. I’m opening this page up to my readers as well, so if you’ve got an interesting ESL article that you’d like to share, please get in touch with me via the Contact Page and I will add your URL, a short blurb about your article and an author box to this post. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Recycling Vocabulary

Teaching vocabulary can be a challenge for new teachers. Most are quick to assume that once a new word has been taught, it has also been learned and will be remembered. Most new teachers don’t realize vocabulary needs to be continuously recycled. Students will likely forget vocabulary if they don’t encounter these words on a regular basis. Here are three useful strategies for recycling vocabulary: 1. Make a vocabulary board for your classroom. Post new vocabulary on the board each Continue Reading →

Teach English Abroad: 20 Great ESL Teaching Tips

1. Speak clearly, slowly and distinctly. 2. Manage your class effectively. It’s important to establish and enforce classroom rules, but remember that it’s also important to have fun with your students. If you’re having fun, they’re having fun. My students are much more responsive and willing to participate when they are having a little bit of fun in class. Try not to be too strict and remember to smile. 3. Talk about yourself. Tell your students about your family and Continue Reading →