The Haunted Pod Village of San-zhi

San-Zhi Pod Village is a uniquely designed and abandoned luxury vacation spot in Taiwan that was destroyed completely in 2009. There are many stories surrounding the circumstances of its original abandonment. Continue Reading →

Taiwan Photo Journal: Water Running Up

The Formosa Naruwan in Taitung City treated us well after our long, tough ride over the the mountains along the Southern Cross-Island Highway. We had arrived in Taitung the previous night, after leaving Baolai at 9am and journeying for twelve long hours on the road. The hotel is a 5 star luxury resort, featuring native aboriginal art, terrific food and a mighty nice spa center. We decided to take advantage of the money we spent and had a long, leisurely Continue Reading →

Happy Chinese New Year from Hualian, Taiwan

Happy Chinese New Year! John and I arrived in Hualian City from Taroko Gorge yesterday afternoon. We spent Tuesday and yesterday morning hiking around the heart of Taroko, in the tiny village of Tianshiung. We enjoyed a romantic ride along the Hualian pier yesterday afternoon and then stopped to watch the waves crashing without another person in sight. Last night, we went out for Japanese hot pot and bbq. We watched the fireworks from our window before going to bed. Continue Reading →

Taiwan Bike Trip 2007 – Reflections on Traveling Taiwan

Traveling Taiwan by motorcycle took us over Hehuan Mountain, through Toroko Gorge, and along the eye-dazzling eastern coastline of the island. Continue Reading →

Taiwan Bike Trip 2007

The Motorcycle Diaries – Taiwan: We’re driving to Nantou and Sun Moon Lake. Then we’re heading to Hualien to see Toroko Gorge. From there, we’ll travel to Yilan before heading home to Taipei. Continue Reading →