A Guide To Taiwanese Street Food

A glutton’s complete guide to Taiwanese street food and eating out in Taiwan night markets. Eating out at a nightmarket is a national pastime in Taiwan. Continue Reading →

Tasty Taiwanese Snails

What is it about food that gets people talking? It sparks instant conversation and curiousity. Especially if it’s a vendor selling cups of mild to spicy fried snails by the cup.  There must be some health benefits to eating these rather rotund snails, which come in cups of small, medium and large sized snails.  I just haven’t figured out what the attraction is yet! Street food is always interesting, no matter what country you’re in, but Taiwan seems to stand Continue Reading →

Dim-Sum-Style Chicken Feet

So you want to know how to make dim-sum-style chicken feet at home? A friend of mine was more than happy to share her family recipe with me. The feet are fried first, then marinated, then steamed. Make sure to WASH the chicken feet first and chop off toenails. Cut the feet into quarters. Dim-Sum Style Chicken Feet (Golden Phoenix Claws) You will need: 1 pound chicken feet 2 quarts oil 2 quarts water 1 ounce fresh ginger 3 pieces Continue Reading →

Chicken What?

Chicken What?  So what’s the deal with chicken feet? Guess what one of the girls brought into the office for a snack? A delicious delicacy from Taichung and one I quickly declined. Words cannnot begin to describe how distressed I was to see these in our back office. I’m all for trying new things, providing it is not a bug, a foot or claw, a head, eye, or brain.  I also harbor natural aversions to consuming bodily fluids such as Continue Reading →