30 Authentic Taiwanese Experiences

Are you thinking about visiting Taiwan? Here is a list of some of my favorite authentic Taiwanese experiences. What do you think you would try first? Continue Reading →

Ghost Month in Taiwan – The Hungry Ghosts of Isla Formosa

The Taiwanese are a naturally superstitious people, and this is particularly evident during Ghost Month in Taiwan, also know as the Hungry Ghost Festival. Continue Reading →

Get Spirited Away by the Village of Jiufen in Taiwan

You only need to visit Jiufen once to see the magic in this place. A small village located in the mountains of Northern Taiwan, Jiufen is located in the Ruifang District of New Taipei City. Continue Reading →

Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan – Remembering Our Ancestors

Tomb Sweeping Day is a Chinese holiday that is celebrated in April. On this day, Chinese families visit the family tomb to pay respect to their ancestors. Continue Reading →

Jiufen – A Step into Taiwan’s Past

I have heard a lot about Jiufen in Northern Taiwan. It was once a prosperous mining town that experienced a tourism boom in 1989, when Ang Li made a film called City of Sadness there. Since then, everything I’ve read about Jiufen has said it’s a must-see attraction in Taiwan. I have been hankering to take a look since I arrived in Taiwan. Continue Reading →

Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum in Taipei

Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum is one of the oldest houses in Taipei. It dates back to 1783. This traditional Fujianese-style home looks like something straight out of a traditional Chinese watercolor painting. Continue Reading →

The Stunning Temples and Pagodas of Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung, Southern Taiwan

If you’re a temple lover in Taiwan, one of the best (and craziest!) places to visit is Lotus Pond, also known as Lotus Lake. Lotus Pond is a large manmade body of water in Kaoshiung, Southern Taiwan. Its shoreline is liberally studded with many bizarre looking temples and pagodas. Continue Reading →

Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan

On April 4th, 2012, the often neglected hillside cemeteries and graveyards of Taiwan will become hives of activity as families prepare for Tomb Sweeping Day (Ching Ming Jie). Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan is a day for Taiwanese families show their love and respect for their ancestors by visiting their graves. Continue Reading →

MSW Interviews: Rich Matheson – Cultural and Editorial Photographer in Taiwan

MSW interviews Rich Matheson, a cultural and editorial photographer in Taiwan who has been featured in publications such as CNN Traveler and Taiwan Fun. Continue Reading →