MSW Interviews: Behind the Scenes with Photographer Garret M. Clarke

I could give you a long introduction to why I love Garret’s work, but I won’t. His imagery speaks for itself. Talented? Yes. Ambitious? Incredibly! Tapped into some universal life force that has him constantly churning out creative work after creative work? Without a doubt. Garret is probably one of the most diverse photographers I’ve ever met. He’s tried EVERYTHING. So, after you’ve finished with the interview… Continue Reading →

MSW Interviews: Crossing Boundaries with Pro Photographer Steven Vigar

I have a tremendous amount of respect for individuals who get out there and cross boundaries, who aren’t afraid to dive in and explore the world, who showcase the beauty and diversity that can be found in everyday life. Steven Vigar is one such individual. He holds one of the largest fan bases in Taiwan for commercial photography, and for good reason. His passion and joy for his chosen professional can’t really be expressed in words, although we are going to give it a good try here today on MSW. Continue Reading →

Taiwan Photographers: Connecting You with the Best Photographers in Taiwan

The new Taiwan Photographers site has finally arrived and we are bigger and better than ever. Please stop by and let us know what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter by visiting our site and filling in the email form on our front page. By doing so, you’ll never miss another image or update. Continue Reading →

Taipei Photographers Join Scott Kelby’s 2009 Worldwide Photowalk

Last weekend, I participated in Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk. This year’s photowalk doubled in size and became the biggest photowalk in the history of photography with over 36,000 participants. In total, over 900 photowalks took place on July 18th in over 400 cities worldwide. Last year’s photowalk drew over 12,400 photographers from 47 countries all over the world. Over a million pictures were taken that day. Taiwan hosted two photowalks this year. Photographers in Taipei and Taichung joined Continue Reading →

Taiwan Photographers Has A Brand New Bag

Taiwan Photographers is one year old this month and we’re celebrating with some changes! The first and biggest is our move from Blogger to WordPress. I started out with Blogger last year because I wanted to compare how the two platforms work. But after a year and a lackluster performance on my part with Blogger, I decided to move it over. I just couldn’t get into the Blogger blogging platform. I don’t think it even comes close to comparing with Continue Reading →