Maobitou Scenic Area in Kenting National Park

The terrain of Maobitou Scenic Area in Kenting National Park in Taiwan is a limestone reef coast that is said to resemble the form of a crouching cat looking out to sea. This area is also famous because a scene from Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi was filmed here. (Photo Essay and travel information) Continue Reading →

Taiwan’s Spring Flower Festivals – Calla Lily Festival

I look forward to Taiwan’s spring flower festivals each and every year, but my favorite by far is Taiwan’s Calla Lily Festival on Yangming Mountain. Continue Reading →

Travel Penghu: Penghu’s Basalt Rock Formations

Travel Penghu: The Penghu Islands are well known for their unique geological terrain. The southeast part of the Penghu archipelago encompasses a number of small islands that boast these unique rock formations, which form the Penghu Columnar Basalt Nature Preserve. Continue Reading →

Yangmingshan Calla Lily Festival

The Calla Lily Festival at Bamboo Lake in Yangmingshan National Park goes into full bloom every March and April. Flower lovers from all over Taiwan are rushing to the mountain to spend the afternoon wandering through a valley of white blossoms flanked by gently rolling mountains. Continue Reading →

Taroko Gorge in Taiwan: The Jewel of Taiwan’s National Park System

Our first view of Tianshiang, deep in the heart of Taroko Gorge National Park was nothing short of spectacular. Continue Reading →

I’ve Walked The Central Cross Island Highway

A carved inscription that I found just outside of Chinma Tunnel at the entrance to the old Hehuan Mountain Trail along the Central Cross Island Highway in Taiwan. Continue Reading →

The Central Cross Island Highway in Taiwan

We completed the southern fork of Taiwan’s Central Cross Island Highway, which took us over Hehuan Mountain, down through Wushe and on to Sun Moon Lake. Continue Reading →

Taiwan Bike Trip 2007

The Motorcycle Diaries – Taiwan: We’re going to drive to Nantou to spend a few days exploring Sun Moon Lake. Then we’re heading across country to Hualien on the east coast to see Toroko Gorge. We’re spending another two days in Yilan before heading home to Taipei. Continue Reading →