Happy Year of the Goat! Another Chinese New Year in Taiwan

This is our ninth Chinese New Year in Taiwan. Last year was the Horse’s year to speed off and accomplish things. This year, the goat reminds us to appreciate what we’ve accomplished. Continue Reading →

Christmas Light Show in Banciao City, Taiwan

Christmas comes to Taiwan once again, and this time, it showed up in a glorious display of lights in Banciao City near the Banciao Train Station. There are several areas throughout Taiwan that set up Christmas lights and decorations for pedestrians to enjoy, but I think the best Christmas light show is in Banciao. Continue Reading →

Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan

On April 4th, 2012, the often neglected hillside cemeteries and graveyards of Taiwan will become hives of activity as families prepare for Tomb Sweeping Day (Ching Ming Jie). Tomb Sweeping Day in Taiwan is a day for Taiwanese families show their love and respect for their ancestors by visiting their graves. Continue Reading →