Gotta Luv That Sausage

My Several Worlds needs some light-heartedness after my previous post.   So, now I’m back on track again…sorta. As I’ve mentioned before, some of the best Taiwanese food we’ve sampled here can be found at local food stands and carts, which are in every nook, cranny, back alley and corner of Taiwan.  Taiwanese street food is great and provides good quality dining for low costs.  It’s quick, easy and fits in with our busy lifestyles. When I first moved to Asia, I didn’t really Continue Reading →

Tasty Taiwanese Snails

What is it about food that gets people talking? It sparks instant conversation and curiousity. Especially if it’s a vendor selling cups of mild to spicy fried snails by the cup.  There must be some health benefits to eating these rather rotund snails, which come in cups of small, medium and large sized snails.  I just haven’t figured out what the attraction is yet! Street food is always interesting, no matter what country you’re in, but Taiwan seems to stand Continue Reading →