Travel Georgia: The Road to Kazbegi – A Journey through the Caucasus Mountains

A travel tale of our journey from Tbilisi to the tiny mountain village of Kazbegi in the Caucasus Mountains, just a short 10km away from the Russian border. Continue Reading →

The Secret Lives of Taipei Housekeepers

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  In the Xin Yi district of Taipei, home to the famous 101 skyscaper, immaculate residential mid-rises owned by the powerful and rich Taipei elite sit quietly amidst the buzz of one of the busiest intersections in the city. At any given time, one can catch a glimpse of young adult females in the windows of these flats and penthouses, cleaning Continue Reading →

Guest Author Joshua Samuel Brown: Please Leave Now

Another short story about life in Taiwan from Lonely Planet Joshua Samuel Brown.

If you’re a last minute grocery shopper in Taipei City, you may notice in certain supermarkets a song playing over the public address system. The song plays in a loop, from about 30 minutes before closing until Continue Reading →

Travel Thailand: This is Koh Phangan

The ferry arrived at Haad Rin Nai Beach from Big Buddha at sunset. Legions of sybaritic party-lovers disembark three days before the first Full Moon Party of the year kicks off on Haad Rin Beach. This is Koh Phangan, island oasis for hippie backpackers looking for a good time. Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Little Ice Princess

When I was a child, I was utterly captivated by the beautiful, pristine ice princesses of the professional ice skating world. I longed to learn how to skate. My parents bought my first pair of ice skates when I was five or six and my Dad taught me to skate. He did it at home in my very own backyard, just like he taught me how to play all the other sports he loves so well. One of my absolute Continue Reading →

The Banyans of Ta Prohm

Perhaps it’s the time of day that lend the ruins hidden deep in this jungle a sense of transcendence. It might be the stillness of the jungle or the distant humming of insects. It’s so quiet, I can practically hear the vegetation growing around me. I lay my hands on a towering gentle giant. These sentient beings are everywhere, breaking over stone and crushing a lost world in their roots. My heart is seeking a different rhythm as it gallops, Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom, One of my first memories is of you and I collecting flowers together. We used to walk in the fields beside our house when I was a child and we collected flowers. You showed me how to press them in Nana’s flower press. You taught me about Black-Eyed Susans’ and Daisies that first year. Every year after that, we always spent some time looking for a little piece of nature. Pussy willows in the fall. Pink Ladies’ Slippers, Continue Reading →