Jwu Jiu Teahouse in Chiayi – A Step Back into Time

Step back into time with me at Jwu Jiu Teahouse in Chiayi in Taiwan. This traditional Chinese teahouse is set over a koi pond with a stunning garden view. Continue Reading →

My Several Worlds’ Best Kept Travel Secrets

First off, a big thank you to Katie Erica from Tripbase Blog for asking me to contribute to her list of best kept travel secrets from some of the most famous travel bloggers in the industry today. Here’s how Tripbase Blog Tag works: Been somewhere amazing you’d never even heard of? You want to let your buddies in on the secret, right? Read on for my top travel gems! What’s interesting about travel is that the places / hotels / restaurants Continue Reading →

Catchin’ the Sushi Train at Taipei Main

Sushi Express is one of my favorite fast food haunts here in Taiwan. It’s always fast, cheap, easy and fresh. I love the whole conveyor belt concept. You sit and the food comes to you. Sigh. Beautiful. Each plate costs 30NT which is almost $1 American. Have I mentioned how much I love this place? There are branches conveniently located all over the city, although the one located at Taipei Main Station is my favorite. I like sitting there with Continue Reading →