Travel Georgia: The Road to Kazbegi – A Journey through the Caucasus Mountains

A travel tale of our journey from Tbilisi to the tiny mountain village of Kazbegi in the Caucasus Mountains, just a short 10km away from the Russian border. Continue Reading →

Self Realizations from Living Abroad: Taipei is Beautiful

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  For the previous post in this series, click here. Opening tangent: I realize I’ve lagged tremendously on posting this installment.  I know it sounds odd, but every time I sit down to write, all kinds of emotions just swarm over me, overloading my brain and taking me back to Taipei in a very real and sobering way.  You see, in normal life, Continue Reading →

Taiwan Best Trip Day 4: Formosa Adenturers Go Mountain Trekking

The Formosa Adventurers’ final video from their four day trip for Taiwan’s Best Trip has finally been posted and their journey is at an end. Day 4 was a long, wet, rainy day, but the guys came through it like champs. Continue Reading →