Some Thoughts on Peeing in Public

What’s up with peeing in public in Asian countries? Is there something I’m missing? Is it OK to do this? In Asia, it seems to be common practice. Perhaps peeing in public is preferable to public restrooms. I don’t know. Over here no one seems to bat an eye when someone decides to relieve themselves in full view of everyone. On occasion, I’ve noticed people doing this in North America, but not very often and usually at night or behind Continue Reading →

What Your Tuna Goes Through

Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo opens early. This is the place to come if you want to see all kinds of sea dwelling creatures before they end up on your plate as sashimi at the end of the day. 5:30 am comes awfully early when you’re trying to get in the mood to spend time wandering amongst fish carcesses, slimey floors and Japanese fisherman. My stomach was instantly ill at ease from the odor of oil and fish in the Continue Reading →

Shopping in Kowloon’s Mongkok District

Day Signs, originally uploaded by globetrotterI.  A quiet back street in Kowloon is virtually unheard of. Kowloon hosts several famous day and night markets that draw people in, but we decided to spend our time in the Mongkok District, which is frentic at any time of day. It’s one of the busiest shopping districts in Kowloon. It has everything from clothes and shoes to kitchen supplies and jewelry boxes. We thought it was great. This is where you want to come if you’re looking Continue Reading →