Christmas in Taiwan with Nan Kan Senior High School

Christmas in Taiwan normally isn’t a big affair. John and I always try to make the best of the holiday season, but it’s the little unexpected moments that always take me by surprise and leave me feeling content. One of these moments came along earlier this week… Continue Reading →

We’re Ba-ack. Happy New Year, Y’all!

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep. Jet-lag has been wreaking havoc with both of us. We’ve made plans to go for dinner twice and have ended up back in bed at the strangest hours. Despite our odd nocturnal tendancies of late, we’re both pleased to be back home and together again. John and I only had a few days together after the wedding before parting ways to spend Christmas with our families. We didn’t want our first argument to be Continue Reading →

Wiggin’ Out at China White with DJ Megan Murphy and Friends

Saturday nights rarely get this exciting for us.  We ended up lucking out over the weekend with a last minute invite for some fantastic music, some serious boogying and a whole lot of friends at China White for DJ Megan Murphy’s birthday bash. BIRTHDAY GIRL: MEGAN MURPHY aka DJ MEGAN Photo by: Karen Pavor The party was held at China White, a charming little lounge bar just perfect for intimate parties of this sort.  With about a hundred guests and quite Continue Reading →

Before and After Photos of Typhoon Sinlaku in Banciao

Banciao on a sunny day in Taiwan is beautiful. This is what we normally see outside our windows every day. I snapped this first photo to give you an idea of the amount of water we had dumped on us last weekend. It’s been a week since the fury of Typhoon Sinlaku swept through Taiwan, causing millions of dollars in damage and putting thousands of people in harm’s way. Continue Reading →

Our Court Ruling and Threatening Phone Calls

I thought that my first blog back from vacation would be about Penghu, but after sitting down to write this morning and receiving two threatening phone calls, which have set my teeth on edge and have me angrier than hell, I guess my Penghu posts will have to wait. Last week, I posted about some problems we’ve been having with a purchase that we made several months ago. In a nutshell, we bought a second-hand car. The car has broken Continue Reading →

Dealing With The Taiwanese Court System

A few months ago, John decided to buy a second-hand car. He found one on Taiwan Yahoo auctions after several weeks of searching and contacted the owner in Taoyuan to go and have a look at it. The owner had an English-speaking friend who was kind enough to translate for John.  When John arrived, he spent several hours looking the car over and test-driving it. After he had looked it over, the owner suggested taking it to a garage to Continue Reading →