Surviving the Holidays with Chronic Illness

The holiday season for chronic illness warriors is stressful and hard. Here are some tips on surviving the holidays with chronic illness without flaring. Continue Reading →

2017 Banqiao Christmas Light Show – New Taipei City

I started writing about the Banqiao Christmas light show in 2012, now known as Christmasland. This is our fifth year attending and the second year we were invited on behalf of the New Taipei City Government. Continue Reading →

Christmas Light Show in Banciao City, Taiwan

Christmas comes to Taiwan once again, and this time, it showed up in a glorious display of lights near Banciao Train Station. The best Christmas light show in Banciao City is one of my favorite events each year. Continue Reading →

White Day: Another Day of Love in Taiwan

Lovers in Taiwan have not one but three Valentine’s Days to celebrate, which just goes to show you that Taiwan is a little island big on romance. People celebrate the Western Valentine’s Day on February 14th, the Chinese lunar Qi-Xi on July 7th of the lunar calendar, and the one that originated in Japan, White Day. Continue Reading →

A Taiwanese Christmas Story To Remember

Holidays are a busy time for everyone and that’s why I’m posting these pictures from our school Christmas show a little late. To be honest, I dumped them into the wrong file on my computer and forgot where I put them. The school rented hundreds of costume for all the students who participated. Some of the costumes were quite appropriate. We had angels, elves and Santa’s everywhere. We also had an odd assortment of Easter bunnies and other wild animals. Continue Reading →

Event: A New Year’s Eve Celebration in Taipei

New Year’s Eve is always a conundrum. What to do? What to do? Last year, John and I went to Taipei 101 to see the fireworks and were nearly trampled to death. This year, we figured if we were going to be trampled to death, we wanted to do it in style. After talking with Joanna and Range last night, we’ve decided to attend the New Year’s Eve party at the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel in Taipei. Here are the particulars Continue Reading →