Three Must-Visit Luxury Island Getaways

While budget beach holidays or European ski trips have their own inherent charms, sometimes you might crave a destination that’s a little more obviously and decadently luxurious. If you’re looking for the perfect luxury island getaway this year, one of the following three exciting destinations might just fit the bill. Continue Reading →

Travel England: Windermere, the Lake District

I’ve heard so many people say they know what England’s like because they’ve been to London, but how about visiting a part of the country which couldn’t be more different from the capital if it tried? Visit the Lake District in the North West and skip the hoards of tourists and overpriced attractions in and around London.
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Travel Vietnam: Mai Chao Village

This guest post was written by Stephanie Long. From the top of the hill, Mai Chao looks like the Vietnam I’ve always imagined: rice paddies and small huts, nestled in a valley in the midst of sharp mountains. After a chaotic week in Hanoi, I was craving a trip to rural Vietnam. Too short on time to make the popular trip to Sapa, I had followed a friend’s recommendation and booked a tour to the nearby village of Mai Chao Continue Reading →

Hiking in Taiwan: Huang Di Dian – The Emperor’s Throne

This guest post was written by Stephanie Long. Huang Di Dian, the sign reads: The Emporer’s Throne. This hiking trail, just outside of Taipei, is probably my favorite—certainly the most fun—day-trip that I’ve done hiking in Taiwan. The hike starts in the picturesque town of Shiding. Bus number 666 runs from Muzha and Jing Mei MRT stations directly to Shiding, making this hike an easy one to get to. The beginning of the hike is the most physically daunting part—Huang Di Continue Reading →

Travel Philippines: Luzvimin of the Philippines

Travel Philippines: MSW Guest Writer Pie Rivera writes about her favorite places to travel to in her home country, The Philippines. Pie encourages us to travel to the Philippines and explains what lumzivim are. Read on to learn more about this incredible country in Southeast Asia. Continue Reading →

Travel Taiwan: Orchid Island

This guest post was written by Stephanie A Long. Apart from a few dolphins that had been keeping pace, the only thing to see since we had passed Green Island was blue meeting blue on the distant horizon. The sunlight’s warmth and the deck chair’s swaying and rocking had made my eyelids heavy. I hadn’t realized that I’d drifted to sleep, though, or that the 4 hour journey could already be nearly over. And so, when a light touch to the Continue Reading →

The Secret Lives of Taipei Housekeepers

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  In the Xin Yi district of Taipei, home to the famous 101 skyscaper, immaculate residential mid-rises owned by the powerful and rich Taipei elite sit quietly amidst the buzz of one of the busiest intersections in the city. At any given time, one can catch a glimpse of young adult females in the windows of these flats and penthouses, cleaning Continue Reading →

Learning How to be a Citizen of the World

This guest blog is by Ava Apollo. When she’s not writing for MSW, she’s blogging about adventure travel at  The term “citizen of the world,” or “global citizen,” gets thrown around often in the travel community.  It sometimes seems as though it is used as a rite of passage into the “club” populated by those who fancy themselves part of the jet-setter elite, from nomads who are constantly on the move, to casual travelers who get out once every year or Continue Reading →