My Favorite Ikebana Arrangements in 2018 – January through June

I started studying ikebana because I have always dreamed of working with flowers. These are my favorite ikebana arrangements in 2018 from January to June. Continue Reading →

Yangmingshan Flower Festival 2017 – Cherry Blossom Season

If there’s one thing you should see when you are visiting Taiwan in February and March, it’s the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. There’s no need to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms when you can view them from Taipei’s backyard. Continue Reading →

Taiwan’s Spring Flower Festivals – Calla Lily Festival (2012)

I look forward to Taiwan’s spring flower festivals each and every year, but my favorite by far is Taiwan’s Calla Lily Festival on Yangming Mountain. Continue Reading →

Yangmingshan Calla Lily Festival (2008)

Wander through valleys of lilies at the Calla Lily Festival at Bamboo Lake in Yangmingshan National Park every March and April. Continue Reading →

Taiwan’s 2007 Flower Festival at Yangmingshan National Park

Cherry blossoms against a brilliant azure sky. The Flower Festival at Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan draws thousands of tourists each year. Continue Reading →