Ghost Month in Taiwan – The Hungry Ghosts of Isla Formosa

The Taiwanese are a naturally superstitious people, and this is particularly evident during Ghost Month in Taiwan, also know as the Hungry Ghost Festival. Continue Reading →

Christmas Light Show in Banciao City, Taiwan

Christmas comes to Taiwan once again, and this time, it showed up in a glorious display of lights in Banciao City near the Banciao Train Station. There are several areas throughout Taiwan that set up Christmas lights and decorations for pedestrians to enjoy, but I think the best Christmas light show is in Banciao. Continue Reading →

Attention Book Lovers: Visit the Taiwan Book Festival on April 23-24, 2011 at Huashan Culture Park!

The Taiwan Book Festival is being held this Saturday and Sunday at Huashan Culture Park from the hours of 1pm-6pm. I will be giving a presentation on How to Setup a Successful Blog/Website and Monetize It at 1pm on Saturday at Table C. Continue Reading →

The Yangmingshan Flower Festival

we made our annual pilgrimage to Yangmingshan National Park for the Yangmingshan Flower Festival. The mountain is alive with budding green trees, azalea bushes in shades of white, pink, and red, while different varieties of cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Continue Reading →

Lao Mythology: The Myth of the Toad King

Bang Fai, otherwise known as the Rocket Festival, is celebrated every year in northeast Thailand and Laos. Ask anyone who knows anything about the Rocket Festival and they’ll probably tell you that Bang Fai are launched every year in April to bring rain.

This centuries old tradition is said to have its origins in an ancient story known as The Myth of the Toad King. However, what’s strange about this myth is that it seems to imply the opposite of what Bang Fai is all about. It says that rain brings the rockets. As presented by Yasothon and Nong Khai: Continue Reading →