Tokyo Fashion Police: What’s Wrong With This Picture # 2

This guy was by far the most interesting looking person we’ve seen on our travels and he was more than happy to oblige when we asked for a picture. There’s so much going I totally missed the peak-a-boo nipples until I looked at the picture when we got home. I was too busy gazing with mystification at the live fish swimming in his fishbowl earrings. And the cut-off doll’s head on his hat is just plain creepy. Again though….he’s rockin’ Continue Reading →

A Bra for Butt Cheeks?

Japanese women are renowned for their fashion-sense. So what gives? In my opinion, these women have the absolute worst fashion sense I’ve ever seen. They beat Bjork’s swan dress hands-down. Japan’s harajuku girls need to beat some style sense into the rest of the population! Thanks Beka, for sending me these pictures. I just had to share. They’re too funny to pass up! At first I though she was wearing underwear over her jeans. Look closer and you’ll see that Continue Reading →