Travel Borneo: Kota Kinabalu Kampung Sumangkap Gong Making Factory

Travel Borneo: The sounds of handmade gongs resonate through the air as we enter Kampung Sumangkap Gong Making Factory in Kudat, Sabah in Borneo Malaysia. Continue Reading →

The Temples of Phu Si Hill in Luang Prabang, Laos

One of the many wonderful things about Luang Prabang is its proximity to everything. A traveler doesn’t need to look far to find things to do in this beautiful little town. Continue Reading →

Tokyo Fashion Police: What’s Wrong With This Picture # 2

This guy was by far the most interesting looking person we’ve seen on our travels and he was more than happy to oblige when we asked for a picture. There’s so much going I totally missed the peak-a-boo nipples until I looked at the picture when we got home. I was too busy gazing with mystification at the live fish swimming in his fishbowl earrings. And the cut-off doll’s head on his hat is just plain creepy. Again though….he’s rockin’ Continue Reading →

Cambodia Photo Journal: The People of Ton le Sap

Every life has a story. – A&E Biography Cambodia. Never have I been to a country that has created so much flux and turmoil in my heart. When we left Cambodia, I thought surely I will never return to this god-forsaken place. I saw misery and destitution in Phnom Penh. The constant barrage of the homeless, child hawkers, beggars and amputees wore on my soul. At one point after our arrival in Sihanoukville, I felt, for the first time ever, Continue Reading →

The Hidden Faces of Cambodia

Mysteries abound in this strange land as do hidden faces.  The stillness of the air at Ta Prohm and the buzzing of the cicadas in the early pre-dawn light left me with a feeling of unease.  We were not alone.  Miniature sandstone faces at Ta Prohm. Giant tree roots disturb an ancient stone carving at Prasat Ta Som. Carvings at Banteay Kdei. A hidden face on Ton le Sap.