Some Thoughts on Peeing in Public

What’s up with peeing in public in Asian countries? Is there something I’m missing? Is it OK to do this? In Asia, it seems to be common practice. Perhaps peeing in public is preferable to public restrooms. I don’t know. Over here no one seems to bat an eye when someone decides to relieve themselves in full view of everyone. On occasion, I’ve noticed people doing this in North America, but not very often and usually at night or behind Continue Reading →

Overloaded Vehicles of Burden in Asia

You’d think that as we move into more modern times with modern conveniences, we’d stop seeing these crazy vehicles of burden that are piled high with trash, propane tanks, humans, grass, and even meat and live animals being shipped to the local meat market.  Continue Reading →

Cambodia Photo Journal: Border Crossing At Poipet

A young boy waits patiently for travelers to finish with their plastic drinking bottles. As far as land border crossings go, the most interesting, and certainly the strangest one I’ve ever been to is the Thailand/Cambodia land border at Aranyaprathet/Poipet. There seem to be a number of scams running at this border as well. For a complete listing of scams to date, I’d recommend visiting Tales of Asia for a current update of road conditions and scams to be aware Continue Reading →

Travel is glamorous only in retrospect when traveling in Cambodia

Travel is glamorous only in retrospect. —Paul Theroux Every day has been an adventure in Cambodia.  From border runs to bus scams, from marvelous ruins to dirt poor villages, we’ve seen it all and we’ve only been here a few days.  I can’t possibly write about everything in just one post.  I’m just going to try and write about the things that are affecting me the most right now. At the moment, I’m still trying to make some sense out Continue Reading →