VA VA VOOM Taipei is an art gallery and a Modern European Restaurant in Taipei located just outside Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station. Fantastic food and cocktails, gracious and kind hosts, and one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve ever been to in Taipei. (LET ME MOVE IN!) Continue Reading →

Photo Essay – Tom Rook’s Hao Haus Gallery Exhibit

Tom Rook is a British artist living in Taipei. ‘Dragonflies’ is a finalist for the International Artist Grand Price at Art Revolution Taipei. Tom creates mostly in pencil, pen, and ink. His drawings of cities in Taiwan and from his homeland are utterly unique. Continue Reading →

Series 14 Be@rbricks

My checklist for Series 14. The Be@rbricks highlighted in bold are the ones I have. The following percentage is the assortment rate for each figure. Basic 14.58% Jellybean 8.33% Pattern 11.45% Flag 9.37% Horror – Saw 9.37% Love love love this Be@rbrick! SF – DrX 10.41% Cute 13.54% Animal 11.45% Artist Conrad Leach 4.16% Artist 1.04%