Churches and Places of Worship around the World

A photo collection of the places of worship around the world that we’ve traveled to over the last eight years of living abroad, including: Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, The Grotto of the Redemption… Continue Reading →

Postcards From Penghu, With Love

A visit to the Penghu Islands, including a floating oyster farm, a visit to Fenggui, some deep sea fishing, and a tour of Penghu’s famous Tongpan Island. Continue Reading →

Osaka’s Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses

Osaka is a colorful city with a little something for everyone. It also boasts one of the most charming places I’ve ever been to in all my travels. This was my choice for sightseeing in Osaka and we thoroughly enjoyed spending our afternoon strolling through this gorgeous park. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in traditional Japanese culture and architecture. The Osaka Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses showcases 12 original old farm houses and structures brought from Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur – Delightful Asian Metropolis

Petronas Twin Towers Photo: John Kellenberger I love Kuala Lumpur. It’s one of the nicest cities I’ve been to in Asia. KL has a vibrant array of cultures and we were fortunate enough to experience quite a few while we were there. KL’s airport is really clean and efficient. Rather than pay for a cab, we decided to take the KLLR (Kuala Lumpur Light Rail) to the downtown core. We had a lovely, air-conditioned ride to the heart of the Continue Reading →