Formosa at BOTY 2009: Breakin’ all the Rules

This is Taiwan’s Formosa Crew at the 2009 BOTY (Battle of the Year) dance competition in Singapore. The concept behind this competition is to promote hip-hop as an art form. Formosa won first place at the BOTY Taiwan competition on July 5th. They went on to represent Taiwan in the BOTY Asia competition where they placed third. Continue Reading →

2008 Taipei Toy Festival

The Mira Department Store at Core Pacific City Mall (京華城)(also known as The Living Mall) in Taipei hosted the 5th annual Taipei Toy Festival early last month. The show, which ran from July 10-13th, brought thousands of insatiable toy collectors of all ages and uber-cool vinyl toy designers from around the globe through its doors. The crowds were insane. Imagine (if you’ve been) one of Taipei’s night market. The entire event was buzzing like a horde of bees. I had Continue Reading →