China Photo Journal: Revisiting Chángbáishan

Chángbáishan is a volcanic mountain located in Jilin Province, China. Straddling the Chinese/Korean border, Mount Chang Bai is a popular tourist destination for travelers to Northeast China. Locals will attest that a pilgrimage to Chángbáishan should be made between the end of June and August for those who want to view Heavenly Lake, the mirror-like volcanic lake nestled in a crater at the summit of Changbaishan. Continue Reading →

China Travelogue: To Chángbáishan and Heart-in-Mouth Bus Rides

Chángbáishan is a large series of mountains which run northeast to southwest along the Chinese-Korean border in North East China.   The huge lake, nestled in a volcanic crater at the top of one of the mountains, is one of the major attractions in this wild backwater country deep in North East China.  We traveled there by bus several summers ago.  It was the scariest and worst bus ride I’ve ever been on, but the haunting and gorgeous scenery of North East China has Continue Reading →