How To Write An ESL Resumé That Will Get Noticed

One of the biggest mistakes that ESL teachers on their ESL resumé is to use a standard CV template. Here are some tips on how to write an ESL resumé. Continue Reading →

The ESL Educators Guide – Tips For Teaching To Specific Groups of ESL Learners

Teaching English as a Second language can be a challenge for any native English speaker, even those with TEFL training.

This month, the ESL Educators Guide is providing three tips for teaching specific groups of ESL learners, including tips for: teaching kids, teenagers, adults, Business English, IELTS, and zero-beginners. Continue Reading →

ESL Educators Guide: Teaching & ESL

This month’s ESL Educators Blog Carnival is an open discussion for our participants. I’m opening this page up to my readers as well, so if you’ve got an interesting ESL article that you’d like to share, please get in touch with me via the Contact Page and I will add your URL, a short blurb about your article and an author box to this post. Continue Reading →

TEFL Courses Explained – Why You Should Take A TEFL Training Course To Teach Abroad

Just because you speak English fluently doesn’t mean you understand the mechanics of how the English language works. A good TEFL course will give you the basics that you need to become a successful and skilled educator. TEFL courses are a necessary part of teaching English abroad today. Continue Reading →

The ESL Educators’ Guide: The Difference Between ESL/EFL Teaching Methodologies

Today’s ESL article covers some important points for teachers who are considering a career in ESL. Here’s the scoop on ESL and EFL teaching methodologies and what you need to consider before embarking on a career as an ESL educator. Continue Reading →

ESL Educators Blog Carnival: How To Teach Writing To ESL Students

Month Three of the ESL Educators Blog Carnival focuses on teaching ESL students how to write. Read up on what some of our favorite ESL educators have to say on the subject and don’t forget to check out last month’s carnival, which focused on Classroom Management Techniques. Continue Reading →

The ESL Educators’ Guide: Classroom Management Techniques

Every new teacher struggles with classroom management. This month’s ESL Blog Carnival topic deals with tried and tested techniques for effectively managing your classroom. Continue Reading →

The ESL Educators’ Guide: How To Teach Grammar Effectively

Teaching grammar effectively, especially for first-time ESL teachers, can be a tricky business. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your ESL grammar lessons. Continue Reading →

Do You Make These Mistakes When Teaching English Abroad?

When teaching English abroad, teachers often unknowingly make mistakes that undermine their position with students. Have you made these mistakes in the classroom? Continue Reading →