Maokong Gondola, Taipei’s Cable Car to the Emerald Peaks

Taipei’s Maokong Gondola is a first-rate cable car experience in Taipei, Taiwan. It promises stunning views and lots of photo opportunities along the way. Taipei’s Maokong Gondola is part of the Taipei MRT system, allowing visitors easy access to Taiwan’s famous tea plantations and rugged mountain terrain. Continue Reading →

5 for 5: Things To Do in Amsterdam

You can easily spend a fortune in the Netherland’s gorgeous capital city. The city is loaded with theaters, concert halls, art galleries and museums. Travelers tend to spend their money on Amsterdam’s infamous bars and cannabis coffee shops, but there are plenty of other bargains to be found in this city. Here are five things to do in Amsterdam that won’t break your budget, and five things that you can do for free. Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Free Things to Do in Copenhagen

Denmark’s newly hip capital isn’t a cheap city break, but there’s plenty of culture, history and architecture you can enjoy without spending anything. Here’s a list of the best free things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark. Continue Reading →

Taipei Hostels – Our Top Hostels for Visiting Taipei

There are lots of Taipei hostels to choose from, but which hostels come highly recommended by teachers and visitors that have visited Taipei? Find out here on our list of top recommended hostels for visiting Taipei. Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka Travel Tips and Advice

If you want to travel in Sri Lanka for nearly free, keep these Sri Lanka travel tips and advice in mind when you start traveling through one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Sri Lanka is easy on the wallet, eyes and soul! (Guest article by Agness of Continue Reading →

Maobitou Scenic Area in Kenting National Park

The terrain of Maobitou Scenic Area in Kenting National Park in Taiwan is a limestone reef coast that is said to resemble the form of a crouching cat looking out to sea. This area is also famous because a scene from Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi was filmed here. (Photo Essay and travel information) Continue Reading →